The senator captured here would have been in his sixties at the time of this portrait. His title was Prefect of the Kingdom of Bergamo and held an important role in protecting its interests from foreign influences. He also became general over Venice for a short period.

Within the portrait itself you will likely also spot the Stola d'Oro on his right shoulder. This would have been awarded to him because of his roles which collectively earned him a Venetian Knighthood. Portraits were an excellent source of income for artists during this time and could be fitted in around larger, more time consuming projects.

The National Gallery own a number of paintings from this important artist within their collection and, generally speaking, they are placed permanently on display. This art institution also features work from a number of other famous names from the Renaissance and Baroque eras including Hans Holbein, Peter Paul Rubens and El Greco. Visitors to the city can also study work from more modern artists in some of the alternative venues offered, such as Tate Modern.